Bob Whelihan- Bass, vocal

Bob Whelihan bassist. Began playing in 1969. Started in a garage then graduated to teen dances, beer bars and ballrooms. Performed with many groups through the years in the Chippewa Valley. Carnaby Street, Kicks, Debbie Wild and the Sandmen, First Impression, Mickey Larson, Dixie Duffey. Later made the move to Milwaukee and Chicago touring and recording with Rockabilly Hall of Fame member from St. Louis Jules Blattner along with the Warren Groovy All Star Band. Traveled extensively US and Canada. Moving back to Eau Claire and was a member with Bigg Grin and Dubiel and the Deafmen and Revolver and Nick Foytik Band. Bob has been very blessed to share stages all over with incredibly talented musicians. He is looking forward to being a contributing member of all things Wolves 

Carl Wergyn - Drums

Which came first? Drums? Walking? Regardless, he formed his own band at age 9, continued music inundation throughout school, and went on to tour Canada & the US with different groups, as well as play percussion in pit orchestras for musicals. The most recent decades saw him in the studio with original bands (mostly with Alchemy VII), releasing several CDs as a drummer and three of his own as a symphonic New Age composer. A brief tour of southern England and Vienna rounded out the decade and brought him to The Wolves. His lifelong fascination with rhythm, timing, and percussion add up to a style that rocks when needed, and old-school-jazz-tasteful when least expected. 

Roger Brewin - Vocal, guitar

A transplant from the music scene of Seattle, his musical narrative starts with a talented mother who filled their house with music and it's joys; a grandfather who fed his family by teaching music. Life progresses with a constant rediscovery of music, its importance in the constant kindling of the spark of life. He brings that feeling to you on stage while beltin’ a vocal or rippin’ out a lead.  He has been a constant, steady spark in The Wolves since 2007.   

Kai Ulrica - Vocal, guitar, harmonica

Inspired by her grandma Jerrie singing on the radio and touring with great-grandpa Jack's big band, she took that guitar her parents bought her and found her own music. She started leading music in church, playing acoustic gigs and then joined rock-n-roll bands. Kai Ulrica is the voice of the Wolves, whispering soft melodies and screamin' the blues from her soul. Y'know, just like grandma said. "Stand tall and sing loud". 

Nikk Wolfe - Guitar, vocal

Born on the high plains of Dakota, Nikk grew up listening to the wind singing songs in telephone wires and telling stories in time with the cries of coast bound trains. He recognized those same sounds the first time he heard Robert Johnson playing slide guitar and was hooked, wanting to make that kind of music himself. Influenced by Sonny Landreth, Johnny Winter, and others, Nikk has forged his own voice from many years of playing music and paying dues in the Band Wolves at the DoorTM. 

Wolves at the DoorTM

"Necessity is the mother of invention", as the old saying goes.  The necessity for re-invention led to the formation of Wolves at the DoorTM by Nikk Wolfe and Kai Ulrica in 2004.  Though they had been playing together since 1999, a need developed for a larger voice in order to explore their songs in a blues-rock direction.  Evolving from their acoustic roots and the recording of their 1st CD in 2004, Main Street is Empty, Nikk and Kai recruited some solid players, wrote new songs and released their first "official" CD in 2007, Unforgiven.  Produced by songwriter/producer extraordinaire, Kevin Bowe (Johnny Lang, Shannon Curfman, etc...), it features tunes from straight ahead rock to a jazzy cover of the Eurythmics, Would I Lie To You.  Adding their expert support to Unforgiven were Noah Levy (Bodeans, Peter Frampton), John Munson (Semisonic), and Bruce McCabe (Johnny Lang, James Cotton).  Unforgiven  has even gotten air time as far away as Europe.

Wolves at the DoorTM Productions also released a solo album by Nikk Wolfe in 2014, Slide Stormin'.  The Wolves are always in wood shedding  mode preparing for the next band CD to be recorded.  This CD focus' on guitar finesse, slide guitar, and bluesy vocals.   Besides the straight ahead blues/rock CD, another slide guitar album is in the works as well as an acoustic rock, acoustic nature, and yes...a country CD too.  What else would one do on those cold Wisconsin winter nights...or any season for that matter...

The Wolves have gigged steadily around the Midwest. Whether displaying their acoustic or electric vibe, they know how to rock and have fun.  Coming off some terrific seasons playing everything from benefits to bars to private parties, they look forward to rockin' your event in 2018!

Jeff Hilgert - Drums

Jeff was a music lover as a pre-teen, and at that time was influenced by Elvis Presley, the Everly Brothers, Sandy Nelson, Rick Nelson and Scott Nelson. He is fond of all Nelsons worldwide.He studied music throughout junior high, senior high, college and the local drum and bugle corp. He owned his first drum kit at the tender age of 12.He’s performed with various bands from the Chippewa Valley, Minneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago, Nashville, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Oakland, Berkeley, Chicago and Mi Wuk Village. Now he’s right back where he started and is happy as (he) can be.Current influences too numerous to mention. Jeff’s musical horizons expand nightly.

Honorary Wolves, occassional players