About Wolves at the Door

Collaborating since 1999, Nikk and Kai created Wolves at the Door. The combination of two great guitarists, a solid/experienced rhythm section, and Kai's sweet to powerhouse vocals make for an impressive performance.  We're there to have a great time and help you have one. 

For 15 years, The Wolves have been making their own music.  Main Street is Empty, 2005, and Unforgiven, 2007, CDs by Wolves at the Door TM, and Nikk just released a solo project featuring his hot slide guitar, Slide Stormin'.  This winter, The Wolves took a hiatus to write and started recording their 3rd band CD.  More Rock and Blues to come in 2014!!

Wolves at the Door will entertain you, have fun, and play some seriously groovin' music.

Wolves at the Door took a bit of a hiatus this winter from gigging while hitting the studio for the next Wolves CD.  We are starting to schedule our calendar for the Summer.  We play venues from Street Dances, Festivals, Weddings, Private Parties, Concerts and Bars.  Contact us to book your event!  We're ready to rock!

2013 Performances



2013 was a great year and we are thankful for all the opportunities.  Great times!  Wonderful people!  A few highlights: the Bayside in Excelsior, a private party for the Washburn County Bar Association called their May Ball, Crooked Pint Alehouse, a wedding/4th of July celebration, HUGE private Halloween Party, an anniversary/birthday/bar opening, and a Fab Wedding in a Wisconsin Barn.  Thanks for the Great Year!

Where the Wolves Roam

2013 Gigs

Blues and Rock-n-Roll 
The Wolves have been wood sheddin' making some more rockin' bluesy music for ya.  We will be recording a new Wolves at the Doo
TM cd this year.  And now, we're breakin' outta the shed again and rock! 
Contact Kai to book us for your event! Visit our contact page.

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Featured Song

Resurrected in the Blues

Nikk wrote this tune late at night in an empty house with just a candle and a resonator guitar, playing the blues at 2am. After a night of playing Rock-n-Roll and listening to all the modern music on the radio while driving home, he realized that playing the blues was like coming home, being Resurrected in the Blues.

This song will be featured on The Wolves upcoming CD! 

Here's a Preview!!!!